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Technical Test Center is a military scientific research institution of the Serbian Army, authorized for the final, verification and homologation testing of armament and military equipment and metrology for all Serbian defense system.
Tests determine the degree of satisfaction of the set of tactical and technical requirements and compliance of armaments and military equipment with the technical regulations in the field of defense.
1.      Testing:
-         All types of armaments (classic, rocket, aircrafts, naval)
-         Means for ballistic protection
-         All kinds of electronic means and systems (telecommunications, optoelectronics, acquisition, fire control systems ...)
-         Electromagnetic compatibility and resistance to environmental influences
-         All types of vehicles (combat, non-combat, special ...) and engineering machines
-         All types of ships (combat, non-combat, special ..)
-         All types of aircraft, unmanned aircrafts and parachutes
-         Means for nuclear, biological and chemical protection
-         All kinds of Quartermastermeans
2.      Review and verification of primary, secondary and working standards and measuring instruments;
3.      Test pilots education;
4.      Displaying performance and flying characteristics of aircraft from domestic development to potential buyers and at exhibitions and meetings at home and abroad.
Technical Test Center deals with scientific research in:
- Development and manufacturing testing and calibration methods
- Development of test and calibration equipment
- Development of standards and other documents for the purpose of testing and evaluation of the quality.
Technical Test Center is the first institution in the Serbian defense system that established and certified quality management system according to SRPS ISO 9001 standard requirements.
The Center performs its activity in 3 locations: in Belgrade, in the range of military complex „Kumodraz“ where the Administration is placed with a large part of laboratory facilities, at the airport Batajnica and test ground near the village of Nikinci of Sabac.
Tradition that lasts over 42 years, more than 150 engineers, of which about 25 with scientific degrees, 25 laboratories and 2 testing grounds with about 2000 measuring means, over 6,000 studies and test reports, participation in the development of more than 700 Defense standards, over 350 developed test methods and over 20,000 calibration certificates, is the guarantee of our quality.


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