Confirmation of the acknowledgement of the testing organization of 28.12.2007. by Jugoregistar - Serbian Ships Registry.
Confirmation Jugoregistra
License for conducting examinations and testing work equipment was issued to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia by the decision of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia no.164-02-00003/2008-01 of 26.05.2008.
Technical Test Center has received authorization from the Serbian Institute for Standardization number Up. 1044/10-4/3-02/2005 of 11.11.2005. for:
Homologation testing and homologation conformity testing control of vehicles in relation to electromagnetic compatibility, according to the Regulation on the homologation of vehicles (“Official Gazette of FRY” no. 51/98) and the clauses of regulation E/ECE 324 E/ECE/TRANS 505 Add.9/Rev.2, E/ECE 324 E/ECE/TRANS 505 Add.9/Rev.2/Corr.1, E/ECE 324 E/ECE/TRANS Add.9/Rev.2/Amend.1 505, E/ECE 324 E/ECE/TRANS Add.9/Rev.2/Amend.2 505, relating to uniform regulations for homologation of vehicles in relation to electromagnetic compatibility.
Under contract with the Republic Agency for Telecommunications, since 2006., Technical Test Center is conducting:
  • Control of compatibility of telecommunications networks, systems and means with the standards and testing procedures
  • Measurements in the process of technical reviews in the field of telecommunications
  • Testing and measurement in the process of technical inspection of radio stations.

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