Airborne Vehicles Department (AVD) is intended for the implementation and final and verification testing of aircrafts, aircraft engines, aircraft equipment, parachutes, rescuing equipment, aircraft weaponry, towed targets and ground support equipment. Also, the AVD is responsible for the development, implementation, organization and conduct of applied research related to new methods of measurement and processing of measured parameters.
Airborne Vehicles Department was formed after the integration of test centers in a unique Technical Test Center (TTC), on 01.08.2006. In the previous period AVD has belonged to the Flight Test Center (FTC). FlightTestCenter was a follower of Flight Test Group (FTG) tradition formed on 14/12/1933 by the decree of King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.
In the period from 1945 to 2006 the following aircraft and equipment were tested:
-       203 types of aircraft, some of which are:
o       94 types of indigenous design and production (G-2 Galeb, Soko G-4 Galeb G-4M, Lasta, Orao, Utva 75, Utva 66, Kraguj, Jastreb, 522, Kurir, 212, Aero-3, S-49 , Aero-2, etc..),
o       35 types of sailplanes (Vuk-T, Kosava, Cirus, Meteor, Macka, Ilindenka, Letov, Delfin, Vaja, etc..),
o       74 types of the foreign design and production (MiG-21, Mi 8, SA-342 Gazelle, Whirlwind, F 86D, 86E F, Gnat, F 84g, F 47D, C-47, Mosquito, Ju-52, Po-2, Pe-2, Il-2, Jak-9, etc..),
-       102 types of parachutes (personnel, cargo and braking),
-       91 types of weapons (guided and unguided ordnance and fire control systems),
-       19 types of targets (towed, guided and programmed) and other equipment (electrical and electronic equipment, protective equipment for pilots, ground means, etc.).
The main activity of the AVD is applied research related to:
-       establishing the aircraft performance characteristics,
-       establishing the stability and control of the aircraft,
-       testing the aircraft envelope,
-       testing and research of the special electronic and electrical equipment (interval-meters, control systems, etc.),
-       testing of the aircraft engines,
-       testing all types of parachutes,
-       establishing aircraft passive jamming devices performances (chaff and flare),
-       testing of the ground support equipment,
-       measuring the noise of the aircraft, according to the ICAO Annex 16 standard,
-       measuring the weight and position of center of mass of all types of aircraft,
-       testing the characteristics of primary and secondary flight control systems,
-      participation on the request of the Military Technical Institute in the testing of aerodynamic derivatives and aero elastic phenomena of the aircraft in-flight,
-       calibration of the measuring transducers in-flight,
-       testing the aircraft weapons and their components,
-       testing the integration of aircraft weapons on aircraft,
-       testing of fire control systems and their components,
-       testing of pylons and launchers, pyrotechnic devices and equipment used in the air weapons installations,
-       Military Technical Institute assistance in the drones and targets testing,
-       testing of aircraft hydraulic system,
-       testing of aircraft pneumatic systems,
-       testing of aircraft fuel systems,
-       testing aircraft pressurization, air conditioning and ventilation systems,
-       testing the function of aircraft landing gear,
-       testing of aircraft wheel brake devices,
-       testing of aircraft pneumatics,
-     radio-communication equipment and antennas, radio-navigation devices, attack-navigation systems, aircraft radar equipment, equipment for identification and interrogation, electronic countermeasures,
-       power supply devices and electrical components in the aircraft systems,
-       instruments, oxygen and pito installation
-       reconnaissance aircraft equipment,
-       personnel, cargo and parachutes for special purposes,
-       rescuing equipment,
-       Flight and safety equipment.
AVD is responsible for the design of the measuring system in the testing of A&ME and their integration with the test object. For objectivisation of measurements AVD uses unique acquisition systems for trajectography and telemetry measurements with special software packages for processing data during testing and analysis after flights.
AVD is authorized to perform civil aviation applications based on the Aircraft flight test Certificate issued by the Serbian Directorate of Civilian Air Traffic (on the basis of the air transport law, article 47) to perform the following activities:
-       aircraft performance flight testing,
-       testing the aircraft in-flight trajectory,
-       aircraft engines flight testing,
-       testing the parachute, paraglide and parachute components,
-       testing of aircraft noise,
-       establishing the conditions and restrictions for the use of aircraft and aviation products.
TTC is authorized by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia (Department of Environmental Protection), and the AVD carries out communal noise measuring activities.


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