Center for flight tests is intended to support aircraft verification tests, aviation equipment and armaments.
Center for flight tests was formed after the integration of test centers in a single unique TechnicalTestCenter, in 01.08.2006. So far the sector was a part of Aircraft Test Center (ATC). AircraftTestCenter was a follower of tradition of Aviation Test Group (ATG), formed 14/12/1933 by the decree of King Aleksandar Karadjodjevic.
Center participates in the testing of civil aircraft based on the certificate of qualifications for the tests of the aircraft in flight, issued by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia (on the basis of the air transport law, article 47), as follows:
-       Testing of the aircraft in-flight performance,
-       Testing of the aircraft in-flight trajectory,
-       Testing of aircraft engines in-flight,
-       Air testing of the parachute, paraglide and parachute components,
-       Testing of aircraft noise,
-       Determining the conditions and restrictions for the use of aircraft and aeronautical products.
The center is authorized for:
-       Conduction of  practical tests on the ground and in-flight, weapons and military equipment, and funds intended for civilian use,
-       Servicing and maintaining of aircraft and other VTMS in the field of the first and second level maintenance
-       Performing of training and retraining pilot, parachute and technical composition of the newly introduced means of A&ME,
-       The training of test pilots of aviation units,
-       The training and audition of aviation institute and aviation industry test pilots,
-       Participation in training (schooling) of test pilots, test jumpers and other specialties for its own needs,
-       Representing flight characteristics of aircraft and parachute to the rallies and air shows in the country and abroad,
-       The training of aviation personnel under the authority of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Serbia.


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