Services under the authority of the Agency for Road Safety
Homologation tests and conformity control homologation testing of vehicles in relation to EMC, acording the Regulation of the vehicle homologation tests ("Official Gazette" no. 51/98) and the provisions of regulations 324 EIECE EIECE Add.9/Rev.3 TRANS 505, relating the uniform regulations about homologation of vehicles in relation to EMC.
Services under the authority Jugoregistra
  1. Measurement and analysis of the absorbed power
  2. Measurement and analysis of torque ship propulsion machinery
  3. Measurement and analysis of torsional vibration of shaft lines
  4. Measurement and analysis of linear vibrations hull, machinery and equipment
  5. Measurement and analysis of ships maneuvering characteristics
  6. Measuring the speed of rotating parts and assemblies
  7. Measuring the amount of gas flow
  8. Force measurement from 400N to 3600N
  9. Temperature measurement from -20C to 400C
  10. Measurement of the fluids flow from 300l / h to 6000 l / h
  11. Testing and imaging characteristics of real-time analysis of various parameters of internal combustion engines of 1100kW
  12. Testing pumps
  13. Calibration of the transducers in authorized laboratories
  14. Certification of portable fire extinguishers
  15. Measurement of insulation resistance of the generator, motor, and cable routes
  16. Measurement of light intensity
  17. Recording the intensity of noise
  18. Tests and measurement of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  19. Verification and validation software
  20. Special tests on demand of Jugoregistra
Services based on the decision of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, and obtained the license which was awarded the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia
Inspection and testing equipment for work

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