Electronics Sector of is designed for testing of electronic, optoelectronic, electric and electricroenergetical components, subsystems, devices and means that are installed in a complex combat systems or they are finished products from the market.
The main activity of the Sector is testing of the following assets/characteristics of A&ME:
-       link and command devices,
-       radar systems, devices and equipment,
-       electronic devices in missile systems,
-       reconnaissance and countermeasures systems, devices and equipment
-       command-information systems,
-       cryptography of voice and non-voice information and data,
-       application software integrated into the device,
-       fire control systems,
-       termovision devices,
-       laser devices,
-       sighting and surveillance devices and equipment, night vision devices for surveillance and driving,
-       optical, optomehanical and optoelectronic components and modules,
-       systems for technical protection of objects and space,
-       electromechanical, electronic and electrochemical power sources,
-       electric installations and equipment and combat and non-combat vehicle equipment,
-       electric power supply devices,
-       fire protection systems,
-       electronic special-purpose fuzzes,
-       electronic mine and metal detectors etc,
-       electromagnetic interference and immunity to electromagnetic interference,
-       resistance of devices, circuits, components and component parts to environmental influences (climatic and mechanical influences, the impact of atmospheric corrosion, microbiological effect - mold and seal).
In addition, Electronics Sector is responsible for testing electronic and electrical characteristics of sub-systems, devices and systems built into the A&ME means in the jurisdiction of other sectors of TTC. Sector performs homologation testing of electronic and electrical components, assemblies and devices, which are developed for the production and maintenance of A&ME.
Electronics Sector provides services to users outside of the Army in the areas mentioned above and is testing other technical products that produce radiofrequency interference.
Within the command and link means, Sector performs testing and evaluation of quality systems, means and equipment for the transmission of analog and digital voice information’s and data from the fields: radio transmission of all frequency bands (HF, VHF, UHF), of various power and range, with fixed frequencies and frequency hopping, programmable and made in the latest technologies, radio-relay transmission, the transmission of one or more channels, different modem, multiplex and other devices.
Sector performs testing and evaluation of quality systems, tools and equipment: electronic reconnaissance, electronic jamming, antenna and antenna accessories, monitoring, acquisition, sighting and other radars, computer systems and computer integrated into tools and systems, computer networks, application software, command information systems and so on.
Sector is to EMC testing and environmental influences. The testing is performed in accordance with military, civilian standards and recommendations: SORS 1029/89, SORS 1762/89, MIL STD 285, MIL STD 461, SORS 4077/89, SORS 5706/89, SRPS CISPR 22, SRPS EN 55014-1, SRPS EN 55011, SRPS IEC CISP 12.


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