• What is the first step to Technical Test Centre started the certification process?

    To TTC by product certification process should be submitted (by post, e-mail or fax 381 11 3977 422) written request for proposal for the issuance of certificate with basic information about the type of product, the manufacturer and / or importer, (request for proposal can be to submit a legal entity - the manufacturer, authorized representative, distributor or importer of the product - based in the Republic of Serbia. The request is submitted on the letterhead of the applicant and must be certified by an authorized person).

  • When we receive an offer?

    Upon receipt of the request for proposal Technical Test Center will deliver as soon as possible (no later than the day after receipt of the request) to the applicant with all conditions of the offer implementation services, as well as the exact date when we can begin the process of examination and all required documentation (application form for certification , the rules of certification, etc.).
    The applicant, after receiving and accepting a bid, you should make the payment based on the bids and submit proof of payment by fax TTC-in, and to complete and validate the form required for certification and preparing the necessary documentation, which is listed in Item 5 application form.

  • As the sampled products and samples as needed?

    Sampling devices for testing is representative of a TTC from the warehouse of importers or distributors (for the production of devices). Date of sampling and delivery in the TTC agreed with a customer service after receiving notification of acceptance of the offer or receipt of proof of payment.
    For radiofrequency interference test pattern made up of a device for each type of product.
    For fire equipment testing sample consists of 4 pieces for each type of device.
    Test specimen for protective belt consists of 5 pieces of each type of protective belt.
    Test specimen for protective helmets made of 5 pieces of each type of helmet.

  • What are the obligations of users in relation to certification of products?

    Radiofrequency interference to the applicant for certification is required to prepare equipment and drop it into work in the area of research in the mode that provides the relevant standard for testing. Also, the device should be delivered and the associated equipment, accessories, cables, (hardware and software) and everything else that is necessary for connecting and commissioning of equipment.
    Fire extinguishers are filled during the examination of 4 times. Activities charging device and the payment of these costs is the applicant for certification.

  • What is the importance of certification?

    For radiofrequency interference validity of the certificate is to 1/1/2012. year.
    Validity of certificates for fire extinguishers is not limited if the control determines that the conformity of the products saobrazni attested (certified) type. Control of conformity for imported equipment is done on a sample taken from each party delivery device. This means that the certificate holder is obliged to report on the conformity control of each game apparatus from imports.
    Control of conformity for the device from domestic production is carried out in accordance with the technical supervision of the experiment center submitted a certificate holder.
    Validity of certificates for helmets is 5 years.
    The validity of the certificate of safety belt is unlimited control of conformity with the requirement for each party supply the same type and origin.

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