Laboratory for primary standards of basic electrical quantities, the ML 01


The laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Defense to calibrate standards and benchmarks in the areas of:

-          AC and DC electric voltage,
-          AC and DC electrical current,
-          Electrical resistance
-          Electrical capacitance,
-          Electrical inductance and
-          Sharing ratio of DC and AC voltages.
ML-01 is capable of callibration of excellent standards and measuring equipment such as: Weston cells, calibrators of DC and AC voltage, AC/DC standards and termoconverters, multimeters, voltmeters, amperemeters, ommeters, bridges for inductance, capacitance and resistance, resistance of standards, capacitance and inductance, distortion meters, kilovoltmeters etc (scope of accreditation).

Excerpt from the scope of accreditation:

AC electrical voltage

1 μV do 1.100 V

AC electrical current  

10 pA do 200 A

DC electrical voltage

µV do 1.100 V

DC electrical current

1 mA do 500 mA do 1,5 kHz

The ratio of alternating electrical voltage

1:1 do 107:1

The ratio of DC electrical voltage

1:1 do 107:1 za 1 kHz

Electrical resistance

1 mΩ do 1·1013 Ω

Electrical capacitance

100 fF do 10 μF do 10 kHz

Electrical inductance

100 μH do 1H do 10 kHz

AC/DC transfer

0,25 V do 1.000 V

High voltage

30 kV do 100 kV


0,01 % do 100 %

 The laboratory is accredited by ATS according to the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard for the calibration of standards and benchmarks. The scope of accreditation is given in the link.











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