Laboratory for primary standards of microwave and optoelectronic techniques, THE ML-02

The laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Defense to review standards and benchmarks in the areas of:
-       Microwave power,
-       Microwave attenuation,
-       Microwave impedance and
-       Time and frequency.
ML-02 is capable for calibration of top level standards and measuring equipment such as: function generators, pulse generators, signal generators, frequency spectrum analyzers, measurement receivers, amplifiers, thermistor, termoconversion and diode heads, analog and selective voltmeters, measuring lines, microwave endings, microwave wattmeters, microwave attenuators, measures for the microwave attenuation, microwave power dividers, meters and generators of AM and FM modulation, frequencymeters, oscilloscopes, standards of frequency, interval timers, and so on. 

Extract from the scope of accreditation



Frequency, time

50 mHz tо 26,5 GHz

Power in microwave technology

-120 dBm tо +55 dBm

Attenuation in microwave technology

0 dB tо 120 dB

Impedance in microwave technology

0 tо 0,95

Electromagnetic field

- 110 dBm tо + 15 dBm

The laboratory is accredited by ATS according to the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard for the calibration of standards and benchmarks. The scope of accreditation is given in the link.









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